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Laser Photonics Completes Proof of Concept Testing for Fonon Corporations’ Laser Shield Anti-Drone System

Laser Photonics Completes Proof of Concept Testing for Fonon Corporations’ Laser Shield Anti-Drone System ORLANDO, Fla., June 6, 2024 – […]

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Laser Photonics To Supply CleanTech Laser Cleaning Technology to E.S. Fox Limited for Use at Bruce Power

Laser Photonics To Supply CleanTech Laser Cleaning Technology to E.S. Fox Limited for Use at Bruce Power ORLANDO, Fla., May […]

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Laser Photonics Announces First Quarter 2024 Results

Laser Photonics Announces First Quarter 2024 Results Revenue increased 10%; reduced operating loss by 39%; reduced net loss and diluted […]

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Laser Photonics Provides Shareholder Letter and Announces Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2023 Results

Laser Photonics Provides Shareholder Letter and Announces Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2023 Results Fourth quarter revenue grew by 673% Fourth […]

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Laser Photonics & Brokk Announce Technology Partnership To Integrate Game-Changing Laser Systems Into Industry-Leading Robotics

Laser Photonics & Brokk Announce Technology Partnership To Integrate Game-Changing Laser Systems Into Industry-Leading Robotics ORLANDO, Fla., April 10, 2024 […]

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Facilitating Operational Excellence in Various Industries

We provide comprehensive design, manufacturing, and technology services worldwide to aerospace, construction, defense, energy, industrial, photonics, and PV solar customers.

Laser Photonics Represents A Formidable Presence in the Industrial Laser Market

As a leader in the $46 billion sand and abrasives blasting industry, LASE’s CleanTech laser systems include innovative products like the EXP MLRI and MARLIN product line. Our technology has significantly improved efficiency and equipment longevity in crucial sectors like defense and energy.

Laser Photonics' Expansion in Sales and Distribution Partnerships in the U.S. and Canada

Along with the introduction of our new CleanTech Robotic Cell Enclosure, an AI-capable system that automates laser cleaning, underscores our commitment to innovation and market expansion. Recent strategic leadership appointments add depth to the company’s expertise, supporting its trajectory of growth.

Trusted by Fortune 1000 Companies

Technology Applications

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning removes coatings and contaminants like rust while leaving the underlying substrate intact. If you are looking for a deep clean, precision, and time efficiency.

Laser Marking

From the enclosed Class I high-volume MegaCenter to the Class IV portable handheld system for in-field use, we have the best solutions for your unique marking and engraving needs.

Laser Cutting

Multi-application laser processing systems for industrial production lines. From our flatbed laser to the laser cutting robot, our solutions are reliable, sustainable, and require minimal maintenance.

Laser Welding

Laser welding technology provides a fast, non-contact, flexible, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional welding methods across various metalworking processes.

Laser Technology Vertical Markets


Sustainable vehicle maintenance, production, repair, and modification. From laser marking to corrosion control, we offer effective, eco-friendly solutions.


Laser Photonics provides efficient, focused solutions to the aerospace industry in the manufacturing, maintenance and decontamination sectors.


Modernize ship maintenance and manufacturing capabilities using our maritime-focused laser solutions.


At the speed of relevance. Deploying innovative photonic solutions designed to support tomorrow's tactical mission requirements today.


Safe and effective laser solutions for the nuclear industry. Our technology covers everything from nuclear decontamination during decommissioning to general MRO.


Decontamination of oil exploration equipment, MRO of wind turbines, and more. Our laser systems offer sustainable surface processing solutions that generate little to no secondary waste.


Our lasers enable efficient material processing techniques for wafer dicing, flat panel separation, silicon cutting, and direct parts marking used in the semiconductor industry.

Battery Manufacturing

Minimize the ecological footprint on the road and at the factory. Revamping the battery manufacturing industry with clean and safe laser solutions.

Features That Set Laser Photonics Apart


10+ Patents Approved & Pending


Fortune 1000 Customers


US Government Customers


Your Questions Answered

Our core emphasis is on delivering premium laser systems, individually customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Our competitive edge lies in vertical integration, encompassing the entire lifecycle of our laser systems. From design and engineering to assembly, marketing, sales, and ongoing system support, we seamlessly manage the process. Additionally, our diverse product lines, including cleaning lasers, cutting lasers, welding lasers, and marking lasers, enable us to effectively penetrate various industry verticals.

We ensure customer loyalty through ongoing training and dedicated support for our laser systems. Simultaneously, our expansion strategy involves continual research and development, leading to the creation of new products and continuous improvement of our existing systems.

Approaching R&D with a proactive perspective, we address evolving industry challenges head-on. Our dedication to staying ahead involves adapting to shifts in manufacturing by continuously improving our systems in response to the introduction of new and viable technologies.

Our proactive dedication to research and development equips us to anticipate and address industry changes effectively, preventing potential challenges from emerging. Laser Photonics’ extensive presence across diverse industry verticals strategically positions us to mitigate market fluctuations by expanding our clientele across a spectrum of sectors.

Laser cleaning removes the necessity for hazardous consumables, ensuring the well-being of operators. This non-contact method safeguards materials from physical damage, while generating minimal waste and maintaining an environmentally friendly profile with zero pollution.

Our dedication extends to safeguarding the company’s credibility and long-term viability, prioritizing the safety and confidence of our investors. To maintain compliance and stay abreast of industry standards, we leverage our internal executive team, external SEC attorney, and external investor relations firm.

Laser Photonics prioritizes strong corporate governance and shareholder value. Our Compensation Committee aligns performance goals with business strategy for executive and shareholder alignment. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee oversees board performance, evaluates director nominees, and contributes to succession planning, actively shaping our governance practices for shareholder interest alignment.

Laser Photonics’ executive team consists of Wayne Tupuola, President and CEO, with 15 years of C-level management and 25 years of hands-on experience with fiber laser equipment. Our CFO, Jade Barnwell, has more than 20 years of strategic finance and business leadership experience in accounting, finance, operations, reporting, mergers & acquisitions, and business development. Igor Vodopiyanov is our VP of R&D, previously serving as a Research Scientist at Florida Institute of Technology. Lastly, our Marketing Director, Seth Bush, brings 20 years of marketing leadership and experience to grow brand awareness while educating consumers on the company’s next-generation laser systems.

New employees undergo a thorough 5-day/40-hour training program, delving into product details, company procedures, and laser safety. Subsequently, department leaders engage with each new employee to discuss their future goals and how the company can contribute to their professional development. Further, Jade Barnwell, CFO, hosts a lunch for each newcomer, fostering the establishment of a positive working relationship.

Laser Photonics maintains a vigilant approach to supply chain management, ensuring product quality and consistency by subjecting each product to OSHA and EPA regulations. Through comprehensive regulatory processes, we conduct extensive functional and safety testing to uphold a uniform standard across all products.

  1. Short term:
  • Enhanced AI/IoT Capabilities: To improve the customer experience and remain at the forefront of technology, Laser Photonics Corp has added components to its existing laser technology, boosting its AI/Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. With AI/IoT integration, we can provide on-site customer support and training, maintaining our competitive advantage.
  • Strategic Partnerships: By forging strategic partnerships with large distributors, Laser Photonics Corp aims to expand its distribution network and facilitate greater access to our cutting-edge technology. Target Acquisition Companies in favor of onshoring that add value to bringing US manufactured components and equipment manufacturing back to the US.
  • Commitment to Environmental Stewardship: Laser Photonics Corp is dedicated to environmental stewardship. We are committed to delivering eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions to companies worldwide, helping them minimize their negative impact on the environment.
  • Improved Communication: Laser Photonics Corp pledges to enhance communication with stakeholders, ensuring timely and accurate messaging.


2. Long term:

  • Expansion of Customer Experience Center: Laser Photonics Corp has acquired a new location in Maitland, Florida, to serve as its customer experience center. This move will enhance the presentation and demonstration of Laser Photonics technology to customers, while also freeing up space at our R&D Center to ramp up production capabilities.
  • Advancement in Laser Technology: Laser Photonics Corp has successfully completed an LOI with FONON Corp to acquire their cold-cutting and high-power laser technology. This acquisition will propel the capabilities of our TiTAN series of laser-cutting technology creating a new Product line called SaberTech.
  • Product Line Expansion: To meet the evolving needs of industry professionals worldwide, Laser Photonics Corp has added cutting-edge products to its catalog. These include MARLIN, DefenseTech, and SaberTech
  • Development of Class I Systems: Laser Photonics Corp is intensifying its efforts to develop Class 1 systems, maintaining our competitive edge and meeting the increasing demand driven by heightened regulations and restrictions.
  • Focus on Semiconductor Industry: In response to the rising demand in the semiconductor industry, Laser Photonics Corp is intensifying its research and development efforts into laser glass wafer-cutting technology.

We strategically allocate resources for capital expenditures and investments, considering factors such as robust margins and earnings per share. Our market analysis is thorough, ensuring we avoid market saturation and position ourselves to profit from the outset of the product’s life cycle.